Want your kids to study the Bible? There’s an app for that


by Russ Jones   (OneNewsNow.com) 


Since YouVersion, creator of the popular and free Bible App, launched the Bible App for Kids, the designers have been overwhelmed with the growing number of users.

The Bible App for Kids, free on Apple, Android and some Kindle mobile devices, has been installed on more than two million unique devices around the world since it came on the market.


Bobby Gruenewald, innovation pastor ofLifeChurch.tv in Oklahoma — the church behind the initiative, believes modern-day technology could have as much of an impact on the Christian faith as Gutenberg’s movable type.

“We have this explosion of tools and technologies that [has] the potential to connect us together as a population like never before in history,” he asserts. “And when we see that and we think about it in perspective of the gospel, we think this time is possibly greater than any other time in history where we could leverage these tools in a way that could really transform this generation and actually the generations to come, much like the printing press.”

Gruenewald believes the Bible App for Kids can have an impact on children as they see how much their parents have enjoyed what they downloaded on their smart phones and tablets.

“We see parents reading it with their children and using it kind of as a bedtime devotional type of an experience to really kind of enhance that experience,” the pastor accounts. “And then we also see children that are using it kind of as the backseat app in their car while their parents are driving. You know, they used to have games and other stuff they’d play, and now they’re able to incorporate some of the aspects of this app into it.”

Since its start in 1996, LifeChurch.tv has focused on relevancy and strives to demonstrate and teach people how God’s Word relates to everyone, no matter where they are in life.