Walk a Mile in her Shoes

Carlos Hernandez and Jovan Jauregui sit down to rest after walking in heel for the Walk a Mile in her Shoes event.
Carlos Hernandez and Jovan Jauregui sit down to rest after walking in heels for the “Walk a Mile in her Shoes” event.

EL CENTRO — The Sure Helpline Crisis Center challenged men of the Imperial Valley to ‘Walk A Mile In Her Shoes’. So, sporting bright red heels, many men accepted the gauntlet to make a stand against violence this past Friday evening, walking from the steps of the El Centro Court House to Town Square in pointy-toed, high heels.

Men were not alone showing support. Entire families came out to show their support, including several children.

“It’s good to keep kids and individuals engaged and aware of what is going on in the community,” said Rebecca Terrazzas-Baxter, who was present at the event with daughter Zoe Baxter.

“So, we can stop the rape-ness,” was Joseph Ireland, age 8, response when asked if he knew why he was walking in heels that day.

The event brought closure to one participant who had experienced violence in her own home many years ago.

“It means a lot, not only seeking help from Sure Help Line Crisis Center years ago but it takes a community to raise kids and that’s what this event means, raising awareness not only for ourselves but our children too, “ said mother Susan Ireland.

Ireland explained that the event brought her closure, and tears.

Ireland will celebrate 7 years of sobriety on Wednesday and the survival of a three-year abusive relationship.

It was Ireland’s sons who asked her, “Are we going to go walk a mile in your shoes.”

This is a national event to raise awareness of violence and is meant to represent the struggle that victims carry, according to Sure Help Line Crisis Center Executive Director, Margaret Sauza.

“I would like to invite the public to come join us at any time,” said Sauza, “to remind them that there is hope, and that we are there to assist them 24-hours a day, there’s no charge and it’s strictly confidential.”

The Sure Help Line Crisis Center
210 B. Wake Ave El Centro


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