Wake up, Men!



Wake up America

dropcap_on the Cinco De Mayo holiday, we also celebrated  the “Dia de Prayo!” or the National Day of Prayer. It is held the first Thursday of May each year when knees get bent throughout the nation.

This year, the theme was “Wake Up America,” and before I share about the wonderful program in which I was blessed to participate, just a couple of reminders. God’s number is “seven” and we are called to focus our prayers for seven different institutions or “points of prayer.” I pray that when you finish this read, you will wake up and pray like millions have this past week.

Government: Pray for local, regional, state and federal leaders. Pray that they will have wisdom, a relationship with God, and a concern for those they were elected to serve.

Military: Pray for those who protect us. Pray for those who put themselves in harm’s way to support America’s interests, and for the weak and vulnerable in other countries. Also pray for the military chaplains ministering to our soldiers and our wounded.

Media: In the Bible, Satan is referred as the “prince of the power of the air” (Ephesians 2:2). Please pray that local Christian media (KGBA, The Desert Review, The Voice, etc.) will be strengthened/expanded and that Christians can continue to impact our world through film, music, TV, radio and the Internet. Pray for protection for the children and families who are daily bathed in ungodly programing.

Business: Pray for more free enterprise in the world, and blessings for Christian business people who will in turn bless their employees, churches, and communities. Pray for growth in healthy industries and the destruction of drug cartels, the sex industry, and other moneymaking endeavors that damage people.

Education: Pray for the return of the Bible to the classroom and that Christian educators will grow in number and continue ministering to hurting and needy students. Pray for Godly administrators, and protection for those in roles of leadership in local schools, colleges, universities and those organizations that support them.

Church: Pray for revival of the church and expansion of Bible-teaching churches. Please pray the false teachers and those leading others down the path of perdition will be revealed. Pray for our missionaries, their support and protection, and the continued unprecedented growth of the church in China, the Middle East and other parts of the world taking hold of God’s truth.

Family: Men are to be spiritual leaders of the family, but we are missing in action and asleep. Pray that men will “wake up” in America and elsewhere. Pray for all parents to lead their children into a lifestyle of prayer, praise, and pursuing the principles of God. Pray for protection as the family in America is under attack.

If you haven’t prayed for one or all of the above, you can still do it now, later today, tomorrow and every day that the Holy Spirit reminds you.

Just a couple of shout-outs about the national prayer program. The NDP team did a great job organizing and Faith Assembly’s worship team was awesome! There were 14 members including a violin and viola. Also, the original song by Pastor Bruce rocked the house, where the Holy Spirit once again filled the halls of Christ Community Church. Men, get prayed up, and join us next National Day of Prayer, and introduce your family in Mayo for the Dia de Prayo! (I know prayo isn’t in Spanish, and the word is oracion, but lighten up people!) Come to think of it, if you pray more, it will lighten you up. You will be more exposed to the Light and your burdens will be lighter!