letters to the editor

I don’t live in Brawley so I can’t vote in the Pioneers Memorial Hospital Board election. If I could I would vote for Linda Rubin, who is the sister of my brother-in-law. You gotta vote for family!

But Ms. Garcia-Aguilera is a long-time friend and professional. I got to know her back in 1975 when I first worked at I.C. Behavioral Health. She was a crisis counselor and she did good work. She later became a medical social worker, another vocation we share. She worked at Pioneers Hospital for 25 years.

Don’t vote for her because she is my friend. Vote because she is bright, hard-working, skilled and she has a servant’s heart. She has expertise in geriatrics and all hospitals serve that population a lot. I have just joined the geriatric team although I don’t know all the membership rules.

In this era of Obamacare, fiscal friction and the need to improve and maintain health care, “Maria” is a good woman for the job and you will not be disappointed. Also, I have told my wife that when I have my next health emergency crisis, I will again go to PMH, although I live in El Centro. We medical social workers know what we are talking about!!


Jim Shinn