Volunteers needed for the 100-year celebration of the cooperative extension


Next week is the 100-year celebration of the cooperative extension. This is the organization that supports the 4-H program. With out cooperative extension there would be no 4-H. I am looking for 50 members to help me out for 45 minutes on MAY 8TH. (Next Thursday!)


In addition to helping out, you will get all the perks of the event. Free raffle tickets, free souvenirs, free dinner, and free ice cream. If you can spare some of your time it would help out tremendously!


Please call or text me at 760-332-9909 or email me at smabatti@ucanr.edu .


This would go in your record book as a county event attended as well as leadership development for a county event committee member!


Thank you!

Shanna Abatti


*there will be a short organizational meeting at 5:30pm on Monday May 5th here at the 4-H office 1050 E. Holton Rd.