Visiting Thailand


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FILE PHOTO 2013 – Jonathan and Ashley Hawk are pictured at their Annual Christmas Fundraiser held in 2013 at the Brawley Lions Center to raise funds for their Thailand missions.

Hannah House is a Thailand ministry founded and run by Holtville native, Jonathan Hawk, and his wife Ashley. The following is a letter concerning the ministry written by Tyler Brandt, a friend and sponsor who recently revisited the Hawks in Thailand.

By Tyler Brandt, special to this newspaper 

It had been four years since I had made the long journey over to Thailand. Yet, when I departed the plane in Chiang Mai, I immediately felt as if I hadn’t been gone at all. Familiar smells and wonderful people brought back all the many joys to my heart as to why I go on mission trips.

Seeing Jonathan, Astrid, Nene, Sangla and Crème waiting to greet us as we got off the plane was so overwhelming. I was once again reunited with those who allowed my kids and me to experience such life-changing mission trips.

Now, with both kids in college, this trip was different. The kids did express a bit of jealousy, but they were in prayer, trusting we would all have that “life-changing experience” as in the previous trips.

Crème was the first girl we sponsored through Disciple Thailand Ministries in 2011. She is one incredible girl with a heart that now understands God is everything she needs. She had a short season where she really thought she was going to do things “Crème’s way.” But God worked in her heart, and she fully realizes it is a much happier life being in His will than to seek out the desires of her heart and not that of Christ’s.

I would have never known about this had I not been a part of this trip and gotten to hear her testimony during our group’s devotional. I had tears in my eyes and joy in my heart that God had given us Crème so long ago to support her with prayer, finances, and love.

Our delight didn’t stop with Crème! Our family so enjoyed being a part of Crème’s life that after Crème graduated, we decided to continue our support with another young lady named Normi. I was thrilled to be able to meet Normi during the trip. She overflows with the joy of God and she has such a knowledge and wisdom for God’s Word. She is a young woman who seeks, hungers, and thirsts for God’s words to overflow in her. She wants others to have what God has given her.

This was expressed on the Lord’s Day when she invited a friend to church. Normi is not shy with her faith or her worship before God. As I was worshipping God with hands raised, I looked over and she was singing and worshipping alongside me with her hands lifted toward the King of all kings. I would have never experienced this if not for Jonathan’s vision and Gods’ grace allowing our family to come alongside this wonderful ministry.

We stayed a few days in a Christian mission home just a few blocks down from Jonathan, Ashley, Nathan (what an incredible little guy, God has great plans for him), Hannah House and the Emanuel Homes.

Jonathan’s obedience in seeking the will of God has really revealed His hand in the expansion of these ministries. This unique group is truly “doing life together.” Such unity has allowed a “home” church to spring forth out of these two groups. Some from the Emanuel home who have been discipled are now taking leadership positions in this fellowship of believers.

What is happening in this church is best described as a modern expression of Acts 2:40-47. This only happens when leadership is provided; if God had not given Jonathan the heart for biblical leadership, and a wife who is willing to follow him and live anywhere (this is another story in itself), we would not have experienced such divine appointments found in this wonderful country. What an amazing team God has brought together! You can be assured your support and prayers are moving the Kingdom of God forward in this area of the world.