Video Game Tournament Hits Brawley High



BRAWLEY – Friday was a big day for the Brawley Union High School Technology Club as they hosted their first Video Game Tournament in over two years.

The games in competition this tournament were Super Smash Bros. Brawl, and Mario Kart Double Dash in Individual tournament play, and a Face-Off between two bands on Rock Band.

The competitive matchups were intense all the way to the end with surprising endings and tight matchups throughout each bracket.  Over one hundred students were in attendance, not only to take part in the tournament, but be spectators to the high level of game-play.

In the first individual final, Brawley senior Nahomi Baez raced her way into a first place, posting an impressive and nearly flawless final lap en route to the victory in the Mario Kart Double Dash competition.

“The tournament today was awesome, the games that they had here was just great, and everybody did a great job.  Obviously the opponent I was going up against, he was awesome, he was great.  I just have to say that that I had a lot of fun and I hope we get to do something like this again here at this school because it was just awesome,” said Nahomi Baez after her victory in the finals.

Next was the highly anticipated Super Smash Bros. Brawl tournament final, which started with nearly fifty participants.

Of those fifty the final came down to two players – junior Robert De Dios vs. sophomore Juan Dillon.

In a final to remember, both competitors gave it their all and it seemed De Dios would be walking away with the Gold holding a three – lives – to – one, lead over Dillon.

But it was not to be as Dillon fought back with just one life left to take home the win in an exiting and surprising end.  Cheers of excitement, joy, and disbelief shook the crowd as the Tech Club Tournament came to an end in fittingly dramatic fashion.

“The tournament was really tough, I didn’t think I would make it this far.  I thought I was losing and I had to do better so that’s when I stepped up my game and I got lucky with that last hit.  It was a great tournament, tough people, and tough players,” said Dillon after winning the most anticipated video game match at Brawley High.

Tournament organizer and current Computer Tech Staff Advisor Jimmy Gilder could not have been happier with the tournament turnout.  Gilder was also part of the club as a student in 2008 when the first tournament was thrown by the Brawley Tech club.

“It went well.  We raised money for our club and offered an opportunity for our students to have some fun in a safe environment on a Friday night,” said Gilder about the event.

“I’m just glad I have my club and the school I work at support me as much as they do,” added Gilder.