Valley Teams Size Up League Competition in IVFCA matches

Holtville scrimmages against Calipatria to test their skills for the season ahead.
Holtville scrimmages against Calipatria with teams testing skills for the season ahead.

HOLTVILLE – The Holtville Vikings football team hosted Valley teams at the annual Imperial Valley   Football Coaches Association scrimmage tournament Friday night.  Southwest, Calexico, and Calipatria came to size-up other teams’ strengths and weaknesses in preparation of the season ahead.  The scrimmage consisted of each team having two possessions, with 10 plays per possession.

“These scrimmages are a good kick-off for the season. They allow other teams to practice in real game situations and see what others are looking like in their league,” said Viking’s head coach, Keith Smith Jr.

The first go-round had Southwest crunch pads against CETYS. Both teams displayed great talents moving the ball up the field. A highlight was Eagle fullback Gio Camarena (10) running multiple yards through CETYS’ defense.

El Centro Spartans and the Calexico Bulldogs sparred in the second set. El Centro started with a strong passing game. Central’s quarterback Ricky Guzman threw for multiple yards helping his team score over Calexico. Not to be outplayed, Calexico answered back with three touchdowns of their own.

Central and Calexico strive to show off their skills in this years IVFCA tournament.
Central and Calexico show off skills in the IVFCA tournament in Holtville.

Holtville matched up against the Calipatria Hornets. The Vikings took control early in their first game possession. Adam Montes from Holtville displayed his talents scoring a touchdown and securing the Hornet’s lead. Both teams played hard, working out kinks, testing strengths, and patching weaknesses.

The last game of the night was the Vikings versus the Calexico Bulldogs. Both teams were evenly matched and fought hard, preparing for league play. Since Calexico moved down to Division 5, Holtville will face them in the regular season for a league game.

“Holtville played good football tonight,” said coach Smith, “And we got to see the competition for the season so we can work on the aspects we need to improve.”