Valley Reps send letters to Gov Brown looking for help




BRAWLEY – The public meetings last Tuesday where local cattlemen, employees, and secondary businessmen voiced grave concern to the Board of Supervisors, the IID directors, and Brawley City Council over the closing of National Beef in Brawley have produced a flurry of letters to Governor Brown from Assemblyman Manuel Perez and Senator Ben Hueso.


Both representatives expressed in their letters the dire financial consequences to the Valley and to the cattle industry as a whole if National Beef closes their Brawley plant. Both asked the Governor for assistance in keeping National Beef’s doors open.


Perez suggested one of Brown’s economic boosting resources such as Gro-Biz, while Hueso personally asked the Governor to visit Brawley and connect with local leaders.


Cattle are already being trucked out of valley feedlots as customers look for feedlots with nearby slaughter facilities as the closure is underway.


An ad hoc committee has been formed to address the closure.


A meeting with representatives of National Beef will determine what exactly will keep the company from closing.


The date of the meeting is unknown, but Brawley Mayor Don Campbell has said time is of the essence and the city and county representatives are willing to do what is needed to facilitate stopping of the closure.

Copies of the letters by Assemblyman Perez and Senator Hueso can be read here.