Valley Baptist Church Finds Their God-sent Pastor


Pastor Jim from VBC-003

BRAWLEY – Pastorship is a calling that few have the honor of answering, plus the relationships that a pastor builds with his or her congregation is unique and special. When the time came for the Valley Baptist Church to find a new pastor, it was with great responsibility that they embarked on their search for a pastor, screening several applicants before finally deciding to welcome Pastor Jim Daugherty to Brawley.

Daugherty is currently 34 years old, and at six, his parents divorced. Daugherty is thankful to God for his upbringing and attests to being greatly influenced by his mom. Daugherty’s dad was a professional golfer who played on the PGA tour.

Daugherty received the call to minister as early as the age of 13, preaching and giving sermons to his peers. At the age of 15, Daugherty began pastoring as the lead pastor to a congregation of 20 to 25 people that later grew to over 70 members.

It was then, Daugherty attended Bible school, working part time at the local grocery store and tithing his entire paycheck to help make ends meet and pay rent for the church building, even providing marital counseling in his spare time.

When asked how someone so young could pastor and lead a church, Daugherty responded by saying, “If you look at the history of the bible, God has used people young and old to do mighty things for him but it was never based on them, it was always based on God.”

“I was willing to be used by God and I wasn’t concerned with my age, I was just concerned with giving my life fully to the Lord and having a willingness to be used by him.”

“If God is in it he will raise you and equip you with the tools you need.”

In 2010, Daugherty attended Liberty University online earning a Bachelors in Religion and a Masters of Divinity. (A Master of Divinity is a study of the bible, church history, Greek, and Hebrew.)

When asked what brought him to consider making Brawley his home, Daugherty responded by saying, “It was God’s call on my life”, admitting he didn’t know Brawley existed until reading the posting online for a new pastor.

Daugherty and wife Lupita Daugherty welcomed their daughter Esther Daugherty to the world, February 16. She is currently in critical condition due to complications at birth. The Valley Baptist Church family asks for your prayers and have declared a day of fasting and prayer for the life of Baby Esther Daugherty. More information can be found on their Facebook Page, Valley Baptist Church-Brawley.

Sunday School is at 9:15 a.m.
Main Service is 10:30 to Noon

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  1. Great article and many have been praying and fasting, not only for his daughter Esther, but for the other babies in the community. Go to the El Centro City Council meeting tonight. Stand in the gap or continue to be part of the “frozen chozen!” Stand up and say no to abortion. They unborn have no voice…you are their voice! So what say you church???

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