UpSpace Hosts Book Signing by Popular Local Author

Betty Predmore discussing the inspiration behind her newly minted book "Pondering Virtue".
Betty Predmore discusses the inspiration behind her newly-minted book “Pondering Virtue” at her book signing event at UpSpace on Monday night.

EL CENTRO — Newly published author, Betty Predmore, held a book signing at UpSpace for her recently minted book “Pondering Virtue” on Monday night.

“We wanted to help Betty get the word out here in our community about her book,” explained Stacy Chandler, organizer of the event and Predmore’s sister-in-law. “This is her first writing and it’s just full of wonderful treasures. We just wanted to have an evening for family and friends to come out and be a part of this special time in writing her book.”

Family and friends filled the sofa area in the innovative office rental, UpSpace. Leading up to her speech, close friends and family spoke on how proud they were of Predmore. They in turn, all recalled past memories and her inspiration in their lives.

Predmore ended the night thanking everyone who supported her along the way.  She gave special thanks to her fifth-grade teacher who happened to attend the event. Her teacher had introduced her to a book series that made her fall in love with reading. She also discussed what inspired her to write a book, one person being her father. At a young age, her dad, who was also a writer motivated her, as well as the sound of his typewriter. Recently, he still motivated her to finish her book by saying, “just get in there and finish it.”

Instead of reading a chapter from her book like a tradition book signing event, she wanted to share with everyone something new. She then proceed to unveil the cover art to Whispered Grace, her new book in the making.

She ended the event with signing a copy of Pondering Virtue to anyone waiting in line.

“This is the first book signing she’s had,” said Chandler, “so we’re just really pleased with the way it’s turned out. I think just the outpouring of love and and support and encouragement for Betty is mission accomplished. It’s really been an exciting evening.”

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