U.S. Border Patrol – El Centro Sector Vs. Naval Air Facility El Centro


EL CENTRO, Calif. – Going into the final week of the Fed Feeds Families challenge, Border Patrol’s “Green Machine” and NAF El Centro’s “Global Force for Good” are nearly tied in terms of the weight of donated food.

This week Border Patrol raised 4,716 pounds of food and the naval base raised 5,405 pounds of food. This brings the Green Machine’s total to 16,793 pounds and the Global Force for Good’s total to 17,889 pounds. Collectively the two agencies have donated 34,682 pounds of food to the Imperial Valley Food Bank.

Per capita, the Navy is still leading with 25.56 pounds donated per person to the Border Patrol’s 13.99 pounds donated per person. “No matter who is leading whom, the real winner in the competition of compassion is the community served by our local food bank,” said Kristopher Haugh, NAF El Centro’s deputy public affairs officer.

“We have to hand it to our challenger,” said Lieutenant Jared Smith, the base’s Chaplain. “Border Patrol simply has no quit in them. But when it comes to serving the community, NAFEC is no lightweight. We can go toe-to-toe with anyone! We may not be big, but we’ve got heart,” Smith added.

“We had no doubt going into this that the Navy was going to be fierce competitor and I look forward to seeing who comes out on top in the final days,” said Border Patrol Agent Trevor Ambrosini. “Regardless of the outcome, this has been a great way for our agencies to work together and help our local community.”

It’s down to the wire as the two federal agencies battle for food gathering supremacy. Will Border Patrol close in and take down the Navy? Has NAF El Centro achieved air superiority? Tune in next week as the final outcome is decided and the winner of the title belt is announced.

For more information on this contest please contact Trevor Ambrosini at TREVOR.N.AMBROSINI@cbp.dhs.gov and Kristopher Haugh at KRISTOPHER.HAUGH@navy.mil.