Truck crashes into Border Patrol inspection station



Update August 23, 2016 @9:50 a.m.

SALTON CITY – A 1997 Peterbuilt tandem semi-truck driven by Maurice Hernicx, 62, Perris, Ca, carrying a full load of manure southbound on Highway 86, crashed into the Border Patrol checkpoint inspection station at approximately 10:30 a.m. Monday morning hitting a bus.

Multiple agencies responded to the scene.

According to first responders at the scene, the truck was heading south on Highway 86 when it blew the left front tire. The Peterbuilt veered to the left, crossing the dirt median into the oncoming lanes at the junction of Highway 86 and Highway 78, heading directly for the Border Patrol inspection station. The driver rolled the truck on its side to avoid hitting the inspection station head on. It slid across the northbound lanes over to the inspection station and into a 1999 Peterbuilt  stopped at the checkpoint. The 1997 Peterbuilt then stuck a tour bus, then a Department of Homeland security truck. The passenger bus was undergoing an immigrant inspection at the time.

The entire load of manure was spilled at the inspection center.

The following were taken to Pioneers Memorial Hospital: Tour bus – Martha Mercado, 44, Esperanza Hernandez,61, Rosa M. Saldivas, 63, Leyla Velasquez, 35 Leticia Aravelos, 50, and Katalina Macias Jimenez, 54.  1997 Peterbuilt driver Maurice Herincx. Injuries appeared minor, with complaints of pain to body.

No Border Patrol agents were injured.

The accident is under investigation.

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  1. Ha Sheeple… *land of the free? I have been mistreated, I’m a tax payer like the rest and I resent these checkpoints. They employ slave dogs to do their work and get upset when they improperly profile someone.

  2. I have passed through the checkpoint many years. The agents have always treated me appropriately. I am part Jewish so I resent their comparison to Nazi’s. They don’t take drivers and kill and torture them. They do catch a lot of illegal drugs, and yes some drivers have chosen not to follow immigration laws. The agents don’t physically hurt them, but just enforce the law. The only 2nd class citizens in the valley are people who act that way.

  3. Human waste, what a waste of people time and rights having that nazi like checkpoint. must think of us in the valley as second class citizens.

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