To the BUHS Board of Trustees and Superintendent Dr. Danielian



Trustee Rusty Garcia tried at the last board meeting to encourage you to use the ‘extraordinary clause’ and expedite the naming of the Old Gym floor in honor of Captain Scott Pace.  You all chose not to do it and have left us confused about the meaning of the word ‘extraordinary’.


Webster’s dictionary gives this definition: exceptional, remarkable, and going beyond the usual.  Keeping this in mind, let’s look at the commendations awarded him by the United States government for his action in Afghanistan.  He was awarded the Purple Heart for wounds or being killed in action, the Bronze Star with valor, for heroic achievement against an armed enemy, and the Air Medal with valor.  Briefly the Air Medal reads, “with disregard for their own safety”. The award ends with, “Captain Scott P. Pace’s actions are in keeping with the finest traditions of military service and reflect distinct credit upon himself.”  This is signed by 1st Infantry Division and the United States Army.


Valor is defined by Webster’s as having personal bravery, courage, being dauntless and fearless.  Somehow these two words must surely fall under the heading of ‘extraordinary’ and qualify for the ‘extraordinary clause of BP 7310.  We fail to understand how this event isn’t extraordinary and doesn’t permit the Board of Trustees to set aside their policy and move to have Captain Pace’s name placed on the Old Gym floor in time for the current basketball season.


Over 1,000 of your constituents have been asking since July for this to happen.  You, the Board, continue to hide behind this policy of waiting a year before discussion can even begin.  This simple act is truly a “no brainer” and most fail to understand the wait.  Think how grand it would be to have Scott’s name on the floor for the game when his number will be retired?  You do still have time to step up and do what is right.  You don’t even have to change the policy, just use the ‘extraordinary clause’ like Mr. Garcia suggested.  Scott’s classmates and teammates would like to have Scott honored in such a way. He deeply loved being a Wildcat and was proud of the Blue and Gold.


We seldom get the opportunity to do the right thing for a just cause; this is your time. If it is truly in your heart to name this floor for this extraordinary fallen soldier, do it.




The Committee for Naming the Old Gym Floor in Honor of Scott Pace