To the Board of Trustees and Superintendent Dr. Danielian:


At the December 12, 2012 board meeting, all of you missed the chance to act in a timely and positive way concerning the naming of the Old Gym Floor in honor of Captain Scott Pace.


We believe you also missed the point. Since August, your constituents have spoken about the desire of the community to honor Captain Pace in a permanent way. 


 Placing his name on the floor of the gym where he played will say to current and future Wildcats, this young man was a true, blue Wildcat.


  You listened but you never heard what was said for reasons known only to yourselves.  You closed your eyes and ears to the voices of those in our community and cling to Board Policy 7300 as if it were carved in stone and given to you from on high.  Keeping this policy unchanged has become your ‘line in the sand’.  You have chosen to forget about administering policies to the letter or in spirit.  There is wording in this policy that allows for changes if the circumstances are ‘extraordinary’.  How much more extraordinary does it get than being killed in action saving the lives of others?


Actions speak louder than words.  Hiding behind Board policy 7300 speaks volumes about your unwillingness to honor Scott.  It is sad to think that Scott always honored BUHS by wearing his school colors when ever possible.  He always spoke with love and pride to all he met of his hometown.  How ironic that the school he loved so much, is so slow to honor him.


In the Bible, the Pharisees were unwilling to change.  The Law was far more important to them than the people who were under their care.  Jesus constantly reprimanded them for their strict adherence to the law and their lack of compassion and mercy towards their fellow man. 

Our Country has honored Scott with the Bronze Star and an Air Medal that states his actions were extraordinary; above and beyond the call of duty.  Are our school board policies that binding? Are we to be more cautious in honoring a fallen hero?  What are we afraid of that Scott wasn’t?  We fail to understand you or your actions.  What is the reason Board Policy 7300 was written?  Our school is painfully lacking in recognition to all sorts of fallen students.  Why?  Perhaps by honoring Scott, you will find the courage and the heart to honor others.


There are over 1,000 people in the community, many of whom voted for you, who would be thrilled if you were to change your mind and put his name on the Old Gym floor now.




The Committee for honoring Captain Scott Pace