Tigers take down Eagles in girls’ basketball match up

Imperial’s Camryn Seaman (#1) shoots a jump shot for two points.

IMPERIAL — The Imperial girls’ basketball team hosted the Southwest Eagles Thursday night in a one-sided match that ended with the Tigers taking down the Eagles 70-6. In this non-league test, the Tigers advance their record to 26-1 with an undefeated 6-0 league record.

In the first quarter, the Tigers put up 24 points, and the Eagles responded with just one point off a free throw attempt, following a personal foul call on the Tigers.

The Tigers advanced their lead to 33 in the second quarter, including a free throw attempt. The Eagles gained a layup from Kavla Pinedo (#3), while the Tigers answered back with Emily Carrillo (#15) driving into the key for a layup, bringing the score to 39-3.

On their next possession, the Tigers’ Cassandra Valle (#2) made another two points with a layup. The Eagles made just three points in the second quarter, bringing their score to four, while the Tigers continued to push on by scoring 23 points, putting the score at 47-4 going into halftime.

The Tigers kicked off the third quarter with Keren Hogue (#3) dribbling around the key and finding her layup shot. Imperial’s Camryn Seaman (#1) added to the score with a jump shot from the top of the key, bringing the score to 51-4. Seaman followed up with a fast break to the basket for another layup and a jump shot on the Tigers’ next possession.

On the Eagles’ take out, Imperial’s Hogue stole the ball and scored, putting the score at 57-4. Closing out the third quarter, the Tigers grew their lead to 64-4.

Heading into the fourth quarter, the Tigers began with Malena Ponchione (#14) connecting with Kimberly Duran (#22), for a layup. Andrea Olguin (#11) followed with a layup, sending the score to 68-4. The Eagles’ Ketziah Kaiser (#24) came through in the key, giving Southwest a final score of six. Tiger Olguin closed out the game with one more layup, allowing a 64 point victory for the Tigers.

Imperial will move on to host the Bonita Vista Barons February 21 for the first playoff game of the season.