Tigers Intent on Keeping IVL Title (Video)


Video by Gus Garcia


  1. Over the time DR has been in business, I have been asking why The City of Calipatria and Calipatria High School has had very little, if any coverage. Why DR? Farming money in Calipatria has a indirect connection with finances that end up in DR’s coffers. Even the people of Calipatria has, I’m sure, in some way help support DR. Back then when I asked the first time, you all said money was tight. Well it looks now that you all might have a little more than before. So, how about it DR? Can some love be sent to the Northend in way of coverage? Things you could cover are…the new Sports Complex, Football and it’s new Coach and Calipatria City Council meetings.

  2. Just saw the video….unless they are hiding the new Royce somewhere….Brawley will beat them in their backyard this year.

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