Tigers are Strong in Match Against Borrego Springs

Imperial moves down to field for a chance at the goal.
Imperial players move down the field for a chance at the goal.

IMPERIAL — Kicking off their fifth game of the season, the Imperial Tigers hosted the Borrego Springs Rams December 9, resulting in the Tigers’ 4-0 win and advancing Imperial’s record to 5-2.

At the start, the Tigers quickly took control of the ball, passing up the field, where Daniel Minjarez (#17) took possession and attempted a shot. Although barely missing, Minjarez’ play gave the crowd their first action of the match.

Within a couple of minutes, Imperial would push hard again as Jose Amarillas (#2) received a pass close to the penalty box and kicked it in, giving the Tigers a very quick lead.

Heading into the closing of the first half, Imperial kept the momentum going when Luis Gonzalez (#99) attempted a shot. It missed, hitting the side bar, but the ball was picked up by teammate Minjarez, who kicked and scored, pushing the Tigers farther head with a 2-0 lead.

As Borrego Springs remained stalled on offense, Imperial regained possession early in the second half. Minjarez was again passed the ball during a strong drive and he shot for his second goal of the night, increasing Imperial’s score 3-0.

Later in the second half, the pace of both teams slowed with neither being able to produce a scoring play. However, Imperial would eventually make their way to the opponent’s side of the field for what proved to be one last successful run, cementing the victory for the evening as Amarillas was passed the ball and maneuvered past a defender to get within striking distance, closing the game 4-0.