Tiger Softball Girls Triumph with Victory over Wildcats

Senior Daniela Garzon stands ready on second base, looking for an opportunity to advance to third.
Tiger senior Daniela Garzon stands ready on second base, looking for an opportunity to advance to third.

IMPERIAL – Imperial Tiger’s softball team remain undefeated in league beating the Brawley girls, 6-5, Friday night at home.

Senior night turned into a roller coaster of emotions for the Imperial Tigers’ softball team Friday evening. They hosted their rivals, the Brawley Wildcats, in hope of honoring their seniors with a strong win. It was a tough game for the Tigers, adrenaline pumping down to the last inning where they  finally pulled ahead of the Wildcats and won, 6-5.

The game began with a ‘Cat bang, as the Wildcats scored back-to-back runs in the top of the first. The Tigers fell short at bat and only able to match the Wildcats by half. In the top of the second, the Wildcats duplicated their performance, scoring two more runs and bringing the total score to 4-1. In just one and a half innings, the Wildcats asserted their dominance by shaking the Tiger girls and making themselves the favorite to win the game.

In the third and fourth innings, the Tigers rallied their defense and kept the Wildcats off of the board while gaining another run in the process. This brought the score to 4-2 by the beginning of the fifth inning.

The Wildcats refused to leave the Tigers’ second run unanswered, and matched that run in the top of the fifth. Now with a three run lead on the Tigers and only two innings left in play, the Wildcats had the upper-hand.

Still, the Tigers battled back and managed to score another run in the bottom of the sixth. Time was running out, and the Tigers were anxious. They held the Wildcats in the top of the seventh, the last inning of the game. Three outs later came the bottom of the seventh, and the Tigers’ last chance to win the game. With everything riding on half of an inning, the Tigers knew they needed to rise to the challenge.

The inning went on, every minute brining the game closer to an end with no change in the score. Then finally, the Tigers’ bats came alive. One hit sparked the Tigers, who then rallied to score a succession of three runs. Tiger fans roared as the last girl passed home, the Tiger girls had pulled ahead of the Wildcats and won the game. The final score was 6-5, the Tigers securing their win and a so-far perfect league record of 5-0.

For the Wildcats, Jazmine Jones led in RBIs with two, and an overall record of 1-4. Hannah Rodriguez excelled overall in batting, with a record of 3-4 with an RBI. Cortni Mendoza and Vivian Ferrel also fared well, with Mendoza going 1-4 with an RBI and Ferrel having a perfect record of 2-2.