Thousands Take to the Street in Berlin – ‘Merkel Must Go’

Protesters demand Merkel’s resignation

More than 5,000 protestors took to the street in Berlin and thousands more across Germany to protest the open-door immigration policies of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Over 1.1 million refugees were admitted to Germany in 2015, and Merkel has indicated many more waves of immigrants may come. The results have been massive crime, rape and terrorist attacks.

In the past two weeks, Germans have been suffering seemingly daily terrorist attacks. Sources say 15 Germans have been killed and dozens more injured. A new survey says 83% of Germans see immigration as their nations biggest problem.

Merkel has admitted that terrorists have been smuggled in with the refugees. As this point Merkel is in deep trouble, polls show two thirds of Germans oppose a fourth term for her.

At a press conference on Thursday, Merkel ignored critics and reaffirmed her determination to carry through her open-door immigration stance. “For me it is clear: we stick to our principles. We will give those who are politically persecuted refuge and protection under the Geneva Convention.” She added: “I cannot promise you that we will never have to take in another mass wave of refugees.”

A key ally Horst Seehofer, the premier of Bavarian which has experienced many of the recent attacks, is distancing himself from Merkel and launching fresh attacks on German leadership. His actions could jeopardize the coalition that keeps Merkel in power.

At the same time, anti-rightwing counter protests are starting to arise. This could get ugly very quickly. The nation is on high alert.