Thousands show support for Houston pastors fighting lesbian mayor Associated Press    


i stand sunday picHOUSTON – Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says if Christians love God, they have not just a right, but a responsibility to vote.

I Stand Sunday pastors Huckabee, who sought the GOP presidential nomination in 2008, spoke Sunday evening at one of Houston’s largest churches.

The assembly’s main focus wasn’t on Tuesday’s midterm elections, but on the city’s refusal to allow a referendum on a gay rights ordinance passed by the City Council.

Opponents of the ordinance say they turned in more than three times the number of petition signatures needed to call a referendum, but the city attorney disqualified most of them. When Houston pastors then sued, the city subpoenaed their sermons and private communications.

Mayor Annise Parker said last week that the subpoenas were being withdrawn, but the pastors and their supporters are still demanding a vote on the ordinance.

Huckabee said Americans have died for the right to vote, and Christians have a duty to make their voices heard.

Many of the speakers at the rally said what America really need is a spiritual revival which will lead to more people acting upon biblical convictions. And they said one of the key things Christians need to do when revival takes place is to vote their convictions.