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Chris finalsFour games into the NBA finals, and who’s going to win this year’s title is anyone’s guess. Both teams have won two games, and they’ve each earned a win on the other’s home court. So, who’s the best team in the NBA? I suppose the next three games will reveal the answer.

Going into Thursday night’s game, I really thought the Spurs were on the brink of winning the series. They had stolen a game in Miami, then come home and taken care of business to take a 2-1 lead in the series. All they had to do was win game four, scratch out one final win in the last three games, and Tim Duncan and company would have another title. However, the star-studded Heat had different ideas. Dwyane Wade and LeBron James rose to the occasion, each scoring over 30 points (with Chris Bosh chipping in 20) to pick up a rather handy 109-93 win, and tie the series in the process.

I would honestly like to say that San Antonio will rally and win the series, but I get the feeling Miami’s talent might just be too much for the Spurs to handle at this point. Losses like theChris Stanley one they took on Thursday shouldn’t happen on your home court during the playoffs, and when they do, you almost always end up losing the series. That said, the Spurs are a veteran team, and have proven in Game 1 that they can beat the Heat in Miami so this series has the potential to end up being a classic. My guess is it goes to seven games but who wins is anyone’s guess.

The Stanley Cup finals got off to a great start with close to five hours of hockey before the Blackhawks finally beat the Bruins in a third overtime period. I know I’ve said it here before, but this year’s playoffs have proven to be as exciting and compelling as any postseason in any sport I have ever watched. With Chicago and Boston showing just how evenly matched they are in Game 1,1 it seems very likely to me that this series, just like the NBA, will go down to the wire.

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I hate to bring it up, but I would be remiss to not at least mention the New England Patriots signing of the most popular backup player in NFL history. Yes, the Patriots, inked Tim Tebowlast week to apparently be their third-string quarterback, and, of course, the sports world was abuzz with the news. Honestly, I think New England is the perfect place for Tebow.

First, there’s no way he’s going to play. Tom Brady is probably the best quarterback in the league not named Aaron Rodgers, and the Patriots’ backup, Ryan Mallett is also a better passer than Tebow has ever been. This will give Tebow a chance to learn, and maybe let some of the hype surrounding him die down. This brings me to my second point, New England is a great place for him because their coach, Bill Belichick won’t talk about him. During last week’s mini-camp, plenty of questions were fired at Belichick about his newest quarterback, and he basically declined to answer all of them (or repeated the same three or four word phrase about Tebow being talented and working hard). Belichick is the master of talking to the media without saying anything, so you’ve got to figure that after a while people will get tired of asking questions that are met with the same non-answers. This means, eventually, Tebow will fade into the background and be given the chance to just be another NFL backup quarterback, which the best thing that could possibly happen to him. From there he might just emerge one day as a bonafide signal caller or, as is more likely, he will remain in the shadows as a backup quarterback until the day comes for him to hang up his cleats. Either way, it’s a win for Tebow, and also a win for those of us who might be more than a little sick of the endless stream of media coverage that has followed him from Florida into the NFL.