There is no more spyware at IID


(August 22, 2012. El Centro) The IID Board of Directors held their regular meeting Tuesday, August 21, at W. R. Condit Auditorium in El Centro. All Directors were present.


An audit was done on the Exchange Server (e-mail) at IID. The audit was a result of an anonymous complaint received on the District’s Hotline. The investigation was conducted to verify and/or deny allegations that e-mails were being stolen.


President John Pierre Menveille had previously directed General Counsel to investigate the e-mails.


Various e-mails have surfaced and been distributed around the Valley concerning conversations between IID Directors, Counsel, and staff. Some argue that these are all public record since IID is a publicly owned entity.


Recommendations from the audit were laid out for the Directors by presenter Betty Voroveanu, Chief Internal Auditor.


Among the recommendations, Voroneanu suggested that a hard drive shredder be utilized for any computers that are no longer used. The other parts may be salvaged or sold without worry of information being misused. It is thought that an old computer may have contained some IID information. Shredding the drivers would alleviate this problem in the future.


Another thought is that the SpectraSoft spyware program generated these e-mails.


“To your knowledge,” asked Vice President Matt Dessert, “Is there any type of spyware still installed at the IID?”


“There is not a trace of any spyware installed on any server at the IID,” said Voroneanu.


The Board voted to acknowledge receipt of this audit.