The State of our County is full of potential




CALEXICO – John Renison, Chairman of the County Board of Supervisors, gave a State of the County report to a packed auditorium Thursday night at San Diego State University in Calexico.

Renison began by invoking team-ship, amongst his fellow supervisors, and later in the historic MOU signing with the Imperial Irrigation District in their pledge to work together solving problems, especially the issues surrounding the Salton Sea.

Renison spoke about accomplishments through different county departments such as public works, advancements on senior citizen issues, homelessness, renewable energy, air pollution control, and as he stated, most importantly, job creation.

“The Valley has seen job creation through renewable energy projects and the new outlet mall in Calexico,” Renison said, “but the loss of jobs from National Beef could wipe out all the gains made this past year.” Renison promised that the county will do what they can to keep National Beef in Brawley.

Mr. Renison ended on an upbeat note, reminding the audience that the Valley was settled by resourceful pioneers who sought to find their own solutions to problems, and that is how the Valley must be now in regard to the problems of the Salton Sea. The Valley must find their own solutions to the receding Salton Sea.

“We have a great past, and we will have a brighter future.”

Kay Day Pricola, COLAB representative, said, “Renison did a great job. He encompassed the spirit of the Valley.”