The Reason “Why Jesus Had to Die” is Wrong


On Good Friday 4/18, there was a “My View” column in the I.V. Press about why Jesus was crucified. There were several things wrong about this essay of Jesus doing the most right thing in history. First of all, he died for our sin. The whole essay never mentioned the word “sin.” Sin, sin, sin, sin, sin!! We don’t like that word but it is eternally connected to Jesus’s love for us. It was yours and my sin that caused him to go to the cross, not human disobedience.


He died for me, which makes me feel really good, because we can’t fathom the depth of God’s love for us. Human disobedience is an abstract concept that enables you to not look at yourself. He died so my sin was not counted against me and I could live and live eternally with Him.


The essay had a real “anti-violence” flavor to it. One scripture is quoted, Genesis 3, but it misses the point if it was an anti-violence essay. After God confronted Adam and Eve, he said there would be consequences. I am not going to get into that. Read the consequences yourself in Gen. 3 (pain, disease, suffering, etc.), but if you go to verse 21 in Genesis 3, what does it say? Give up? My version says “The Lord God made garments of skin for Adam and his wife.”


Well Bubba, where do you think those fashionable furs came from? A few animals in the garden had to give it up to God for the sin of His kids. You see, violence is a consequence of sin and too often the innocent have to pay the price. Pro-choice people punish the innocent for the sin of teens and adults.


If you read the Old Testament, which many refuse to read, you will read about how God says every year His people needed to sacrifice animals to pay for their sins.


Sometimes God would clean house using a flood, war, famine, etc. but it was always to get the people to focus on their sin, stop the rebelling and get back to a right relationship. God finally offered up the perfect sacrifice, His son, to pay the price for my sin. I do have my part. I have to confess. Jesus died so we could have access to the King. Pretty cool.


Lastly, because I know we are a country of short attention spans—on Good Friday, the King was crucified. In the second to last paragraph it states, “Three days later God spoke, passing judgment on the power of death, revealing the true power that governs the universe: Life!”


I’m sorry, my Bible and my life experience say that it is Jesus who governs the universe. If you don’t believe me, don’t worry. You will have a chance to ask Him yourself! Have a blessed Easter Week and God bless the USA where we have freedom of speech and religion!