The Making of Men


How do you make a Godly man? A lot of that depends on what you have to work with. Someone who grows up in the church definitely has an advantage because he has been around Godly men for a while.


We often reflect those we are closest to, usually our parents, but also those who we spend time with. Osmosis, where we absorb what is around us, is a biological fact. Spending time in a church doesn’t make you any more Godly than spending time in a garage makes you a car. You have to want to grow and change.

When we profess a belief in Christ, the Holy Spirit comes to reside in us and that is great, but the flesh can sometimes win the battle with the Spirit. That is where other men come in. It is not good for man to be alone and when we have Godly men to hold us accountable, we grow in the Spirit and we can become a man after God’s own heart. Ongoing fellowship and Bible studies with men are great, but sometimes neither may be available.

There is no substitute for the Bible, God’s Word. It is also helpful to read other things by written by men, for men. It can really enlighten us about how to become a better man, husband, father, son or worker that will make God proud. If you have never read a Godly man’s message, I would encourage you to pick up something written by Max Lucado. He is very readable, a great storyteller and when it comes to God’s Word and can take you deep. The current book I’m reading is “It’s Not About Me” which as you can read, the title is about we aren’t entitled. If you only get as far as the title of the book, you can go a long way towards becoming a Godly man. Men are called to put God and others first, and we are to love our wives as God loved the church, meaning sacrificially.

Being a Godly man is not play but work. We have to swim uphill against our natural desires, the surrounding culture, our flesh, the media and prevailing beliefs of co-workers, friends and sometimes family. When I was going through a divorce, many years ago, my father suggested I hit my wife. Needless to say, he wasn’t a Godly man. Thank God for my pastor, my buddies in my church and some of the men in your church. I know them, and they have helped me to be the man I am today. God is not finished and neither am I. We are still working on this temple!