The ‘Lucky’ BUHS Class of 2013 graduates



BRAWLEY – As evening turned to night, as stillness became a cooling breeze, so a ceremony turned BUHS seniors to high school graduates.

With the sounds of Pomp and Circumstances playing, the seniors had their final act, marching together to their seats. They listened to the speeches of their two Salutatorians, Alessandra Muse, and Mary Schoneman,  and of their Valedictorian, Paige Babb.

All three reminisced during their speeches of their past foibles and great moments as a class, but were also forward looking. The speeches brought laughter and tears.  Babb had sage advice passed down from her grandfather, “Wherever you go you need to take yourself along.”

On the stage at Warne Field, with a background of waving American Flags, the Class of 2013 would soon march across to receive the parchment that would thrust them into their next adventure.

Eventually, the class was affirmed as being eligible for graduation by Principal Simon Canales, and they individually accepted their diplomas from the trustees. A poignant moment came with the announcement of their fallen classmate, Martin Garza. Everyone stood as his parents accepted his diploma in memoriam.

Another amazing moment was the announcement that Ernest Earl Proo Jr was not only a High Honors student, had taken college prep classes, and had received scholarships, but that he had never missed a day of school in his life. Proo had perfect attendance, starting in kindergarten.

After the last diploma was delivered, fireworks filled the sky as graduation caps filled the air. Congratulations to the lucky class

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