The Longrider comes through Brawley



BRAWLEY – Traffic slowed and motorists turned to get a double take at the wagon being pulled by mules on Main Street in Brawley Wednesday.

Gene Glasscock, from Poway, CA, kept a steady pace as he steered his two 14 year old mules down the street.

Texas born, and guided by the Lord, Glasscock is on his return trip from the east coast which has taken him 2 ½ years to complete.

His destination on the east coast was Jekyll Island, GA.

Gene Glasscock

Glasscock has done that, and more.

In the 1980’s, he rode his quarter horse, Cactus, 12,000 miles from the Arctic Circle in Canada to the Equator in Ecuador.

In 2002, he set out from Denver and over 3 years and 20,000 plus miles, he visited all of the contiguous 48 state capitals.

His current trip has been marred with health issues. He contracted the West Nile Virus which took about a month off his journey. Another 4 months was lost due to open heart surgery.

This trip will end with visits to his grandchildren all over the United States, by normal means of transportation.

After he asked how far it was to Westmorland, he yelled out to his mules, “Ladies, step up!” and off they went.