The Hunt Begins as Hundreds Gather Brightly Decorated Easter Eggs

Adults and children wait for the Fire Department to officially start the hunt!
Adults and children wait for the Fire Department to officially start the hunt at Pat William’s Park in Brawley


BRAWLEY- Pat William’s Park in Brawley was the scene of two minutes of controlled chaos Saturday as the Brawley Chamber of Commerce held its annual Easter Egg hunt. Children 8-years-old and under were invited to come and participate. The hunt began promptly at 8 a.m and ended at 8:02 a.m. when every single egg had been snatched up.

“We fill over 500 eggs with candy and we make 400 boiled eggs for this event!” said Linda Self, the Coordinator of Parks and Recreation. The popular, and fast-paced hunt has been going in Brawley for the past thirty years, Self added.

The park had colorful signs set up marking the age divisions for the safety and the success of the young hunters. The littlest, three and under, were separated from the four and five year olds, and the big kids, six to eight, also had their own area. Each was roped off with caution tap, the sole barrier between excited children and eggs begging to be found.

The Brawley Fire Department started the race with a blast of their horn. Children, without need of further prompting, dashed to grab the eggs nearest them.

Hundreds of children, and parents in the case of the 3 and under division, ran after the eggs. Some children, three and under, were perfectly satisfied to find one egg and sit down to examine it while their parents or older siblings went off to gather more eggs for them.

Shouts of “Let the KIDS get the candy, parents!” rang out from one adult in the crowd, though no one seemed to listen.

After the egg hunt, parents and children were encouraged to look inside each egg for a slip of paper bearing the city logo on one side and Coordinator Self’s initials on the back. Children lucky enough to find these papers in their eggs won another Easter basket filled with more candy and toys. Parents and children were also offered free drinks at the end of the hunt. Many took pictures with the Easter Bunny who made a surprise entrance.

Later, reliable sources reported that the Easter Bunny was seen waving and bouncing through a sun roof in an orange car in the Von’s parking lot around 11:00 a.m.

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