Community outpouring for St. Joseph’s Catholic Church annual fundraiser

Holtville resident Josefina Duarte receives her BBQ dinner plate
Holtville resident Josefina Duarte receives her BBQ dinner plate

HOLTVILLE-The local community showed their support for the St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, Sunday, by buying tickets for the ‘The Harvest of Christ’s Love’ annual fall fundraising barbecue.

As the Holtville High School cheerleaders performed for the guests sitting outside in the shaded patio, children participated in carnival games and a blown up jumper. 

Guests lined up with plates in hand inside the St. Joseph’s Parish Hall, waiting to be served their BBQ beef. Church attendee and volunteer Christina Zaragoza said, “All the tickets for the beef dinner went so fast, when we started selling the tickets at Church they sold out, and even today, we had to get more tickets for those that came to enjoy the fundraiser.”

The BBQ beef dinner plate ticket was a $10.00 donation, the dinner consisted of pulled-beef, beans, a roll and salad. Other items at the event were also sold to help fundraise the local Church. A country store was set up on the inside of the church along with a popcorn stand and dessert table.

A raffle was held for the guests to win either gift baskets or up to $1,000 in cash. First prize winner won $1,000, the second place winner received $500, third got $250, and fourth place won a handmade quilt by  Angie Garcia. Other winners of the raffle received donated gift baskets.

“I am very happy about how this event has turned out, there are many people here, beautiful people. It’s nice to have everyone come out and share in their faith and their love for the Church,” said St. Josephs Priest Jose Alfredo Moreno about the event.

All the proceeds were donated towards the St. Joseph’s Church and helping the local community.


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