The Fall Festival lifts up



I hope your church does a Fall Festival. For the party challenged, a Fall Festival is an event put on by churches to provide fun for families. It’s a great alternative to going to strangers’ homes and getting funky candy on Halloween.


Schools have Halloween carnivals and they are fundraisers (and schools do need the bucks). Fall Festivals are not fundraisers, but “fun raisers”, at least here at Valley Baptist Church. We offer games, cake walks, petting zoos, jumpers, costume contests and lots of free candy. We do charge for the hot dogs and nachos though.


We’ve done many Fall Festivals at 7th and “A” Street here in Brawley; however, we didn’t do one last year.


Our energy had fallen from the battle as our pastor’s energy had with his leukemia. Pastor Jim Tucker, is still battling, so please pray for him and his family. He is no longer our shepherd, but the last I heard they were talking bone marrow transplant. When the pastor falls, so does the church.


We have a new pastor, Jim Daughtery. He and the Holy Spirit are reviving things at Valley Baptist.


Christ is in the resurrection business! I hope and pray to see my friend and ex-pastor Jim Tucker, restored to full health. He will one day be in heaven, but I pray to see another miracle by the Messiah here in His earthly kingdom.


I can’t speak for others, but my feelings about a Fall Festival were still flat. We had no one who wanted to step up and coordinate the festival.


Well, a few weeks ago, God spoke to a young man in the church and he stepped up to take on the yoke. Well folks, revival has come to Valley Baptist Church. We had our first organizational meeting, and it was well attended and the festival fervor has returned.


I love our Fall Festival and I am sure there are other great ones in the community. It is great to see all the kids, the smiles and support for the cause of Christ.


Halloween often glorifies the occult and the dark side of humankind. The church needs to be loud and proud about alternative activities for children.


Churches are a family-friendly organization. If you want your child to do well in school, stay away from drugs and learn about a relationship with Christ (rather than religion): get the children in Sunday School, regular worship services and AWANA.


The weather is changing, and that lifts our spirits. What also lifts us up is activities. The Bible is an active, living entity, and the Word wants us to be busy.


We are to “go and make disciples”, “follow the Ten Commandments”, “serve others” and “fight the good fight.” We are encouraged here at Valley Baptist Church by our young leader. We are also motivated by the movement in our church.


Wanna have a good time? Come to the Fall Festival, Halloween night at 7th and”A” Street in Brawley, at the northeast corner of the high school. It is October 31st from 6-8:00 pm.


If you want some movement in your spiritual life, be a volunteer on that night. It doesn’t have to be at Valley Baptist—but don’t say you weren’t invited.


We can always use people to give out candy, bake a cake for the cake walk or do something that you like doing. Serving Christ takes energy, but like many of the paradoxes in life, very often we get back more when we give.

One exception is just staying home and giving out candy to the trick-or-treaters! You have been invited, so if you want a spiritual lift, take your children to a Fall Festival this month.


You will not be disappointed. If you are, all your money will be refunded! Wait… it is all free! Yeah, like salvation!