exodus internationa         For many who don’t know, Exodus International (EI) is a ministry that has helped thousands overcome their same-sex attractions and leave the homosexual lifestyle. Although, I never attended a conference, I have read the testimonials of many from books and on the Internet.  I heard that the organization is being disbanded or disorganized or something. It is like a business that was successful, but then closed its doors.

Exodus International may have closed their doors but they opened the minds and hearts of many to the power of Jesus Christ and the cross. It has been a ministry that has helped and given hope. What will take its place, I do not know. The church is ever changing. I feel sad because when EI began to shut down, I gained knowledge of a family member being gay or of having transgender feelings.

Over the years, I have shared the good news of EI through writing and teaching. Now when I have a need, there seems to be a little vacuum. Fortunately, the laws of nature don’t allow vacuums to last very long. Something will fill an important void in the church. I hope it isn’t just hot air!

When I received the upsetting information of EI’s demise, I immediately sought wisdom and prayer for a variety of friends and ministry leaders. It was interesting. I didn’t get much feedback. I even emailed some professional Christian counselors in San Diego. Although my emails went out to friends, both male and female, I mostly got responses from women. Hmmmmmm! Now I know my email works, so what is up?

I think I am experiencing a problem in our culture and in the church.

One of our problems in our society is that men are to be spiritual leaders of the family. Men are failing there, indicated by the statistics of divorce and the lack of men in the pews on Sunday morning. Men are given leadership roles in the church, but that doesn’t mean they always handle it well. The lack of response from male ministry leaders resonates with my experience in the local churches. Pastors preach about the immorality of the GLBT community, which is very appropriate and necessary, but I really haven’t heard of any local ministries reaching out to this community. It’s kinda like having an Emergency Room dealing with so many diabetes related health problems, but no diabetes education or prevention programs in the community.

This is not a poor me essay but a call for men to stand in the gap. If large soul-saving organizations are going under, small churches need to raise up ministries to meet the needs of their local community.

I believe that the number of those professing same sex attractions is going to increase. It is all part of prophesy and things getting darker before the dawn. That doesn’t mean that men should be sleeping in. It is my prayer for the valley, the country and the world, that we see an uprising of ministries to help individuals and families affected by homosexuality. But again, it will not happen, if men do not lead!!!