The election is over…


letter to the editor 612x674The election is over, and much to a lot of people’s surprise and horror, we have a new president, Donald Trump. I am just as surprised as the next person. I didn’t see that coming. I will admit I didn’t like or vote for either candidate. To me the lesser of two evils is still evil; that said the election is over, let’s move on. Mrs. Clinton and President Obama have graciously said the same thing; let the rule of law be followed and put our country back together again and ‘move on’.

I am stunned, amused, startled, and perplexed by the less than peaceful reactions of our younger voters to the results. College professors are letting you miss an exam! You’re blocking traffic and having temper tantrums because you didn’t get your way! You LOST an election. Go talk to the supporters of Dewy, Stevenson, Goldwater, Humphrey, Bush, and Gore. You lost; people lose! Happens every day! It’s time to grow up. I realize you’re the generation that always got a trophy for just showing up, but ask the Cleveland Indians; people do lose games, elections, and lots of other things. It’s part of life and we don’t go out and have a temper tantrum or seek counseling or get to skip an exam because we’re upset. We become the loyal opposition. We work in our political party, we write letters to our Congressmen, we get petitions going, we go study the Constitution and see how government is really suppose to work. There are lots of politically active people here in the Valley who would welcome your support; go give it.

Personally I’m resigned to the fact I live in a state where no one in the House of Representatives or in the Senate represents me. I still vote and haven’t moved to Canada. I work for candidates and offer my support; it’s what we do as Americans; not have a temper tantrum. So young voters: God bless you for your endeavors to get a candidate elected and for becoming part of the process. Stop your pity party and go join the party of your choice and start working for the election in 2018. Go sit in on Mr. Flores’s Civics class at BUHS and learn why there is an Electoral College; I haven’t always been fond of it either, but we do have it. If you want to amend the Constitution find out how that works, but stop with the tantrums. Give the new guy a chance; we might be pleasantly surprised or disappointed, but give him a chance. Mrs. Clinton asks that of her supporters and so does the President. And at night, thank God you live in this country where you were able to vote and can go out and be rude in our streets about the results of an election.


Judy Grant
Brawley, CA