The Easter Bunny Talks to God by Mary Rincon


Book Review

THERMAL – Mary Rincon has taken a familiar ‘fairy tale’ creature, the Easter Bunny, and used it to ask God some of the questions a young child might have for God.  “Who are you God?”  “Do you have a favorite color?”  “What was Easter all about?”  “Do you love me?”  “Am I special to you?” 


These is the universal question all of us have regardless of age; are we special to God? 


Easter Bunny talks to God by Mary RinconBy using the Easter Bunny and featuring warm, fuzzy illustrations the first part of the book is a simple read along or aloud story for the very youngest of beginning readers.  A young child will have a starting point for a deeper conversation with a parent or grandparent about the Easter story and what Jesus did for us.  The child learns that Jesus is speaking to us in all of creation, even make believe creatures like the Easter Bunny.


The second half of the book seems to shift to a more elementary school aged child as it focuses on how God’s love for us keeps us strong for setting goals to help us run the races life has set for us. 


Each little sections points towards heaven as the prize we are working to win.  We need to stay positive, love God, and stay the course He has set for us to run.


The little book can be read in two settings or be shared by two different age groups. 


Mrs. Rincon will be at the Brawley Public Library’s Authors’ Day this coming Saturday from 9-12.  The event will be on the Plaza in Brawley by the Library.  Other local authors will be there as well.  This is a lead in to the “Take Back Main Street” event being sponsored by the Brawley Main Street Committee, in association with the Brawley Community Foundation.