The Doobie Rockers Fire Fans Up



IMPERIAL — The California Mid-Fair and Fiesta kicked off on Friday, February 27, but Saturday night, the audience took a trip to the 1970’s at the fair’s Wells Fargo Main Stage. Transported by “Doobie Rock,” a Doobie Brothers tribute band, the sets included classics such as ”Listen to the Music” and “Taking it to the Streets.”

Fans young and old came out to the stadium to celebrate the illustrious career of the Doobie Brothers. Spirits where high despite the discomfort brought by the cold wind that blew over the grounds, Saturday.

The music brought all ages to the crowded stage to dance and sing their favorite Doobie Brothers’ songs, many knowing all the songs word for word. The night left many feeling nostalgic as the tribute band sang, played, and danced in rhythm with the crowd. It was if the crowd and the performers became one on Saturday.

“We just all liked the Doobie Brothers growing up, and decided we would like to play some of their music,” said Rick Ricketts, the Doobie Rockers guitarist.

“I loved all their greatest hits. I used to play along to all the tunes. That is when I first started playing guitar.” said Ricketts.

The Doobie Rock’s tour has taken them through various state fairs in Northern California.