The Desert Valley Barrel Race Association Schedule


Erin Wilson rounding the 2nd barrell

IMPERIAL COUNTY – The DVBRA (Desert Valley Barrel Race Association) has made a few changes this year.

1) If you enter the open and progressive barrels, you must choose on the your entry form to keep your time or carry over your time to the progressive. If you chose to keep your time but hit a barrel or receive a no time, you may run again.

Otherwise, you must keep your time if that is what you chose on the entry form. This should reduce the time spent by the announcer asking if someone is keeping their time or running again.

2) Due to low entries last year in the pole bending, they have decided to eliminate the progressive poles and just have open poles.

They did not receive any board nominations for the new season so they will assume that the members want the board to stay the same. With that said, this will be the current board members 3rd and final year serving on the board. If you are interested in serving on the board, please talk to any of the current board members.

Lastly, they had money left over in the awards budget and will be using it throughout the year for added money.

The first DVBRA race of the season will be on Saturday, October 4 at Cattle Call Arena in Brawley. Time only will be at 4:30-5:30 and the open at 6:00.

This is the same weekend as the NBHA State Finals but due to board members schedules and arena availability, this is the only weekend available at the end of September or the month of October.

The next race will be on Saturday, November 22, time only at 1:30-2:30 and the open at 3:00 and no race in December. The schedule for January-April will be announced later.

Look forward to seeing everyone in October.


Jennifer Van Der Linden

DVBRA President