The Delicious ‘Apple Kingdom’ Play is Golden

Characters in the play sing during Scene 3 of the play "The Apple Kingdom" performed on Saturday afternoon.
Characters in the play perform a song from  “The Apple Kingdom”  on Saturday afternoon.

EL CENTRO — The Mostly Theater Company Summer Arts Camp presented the play “The Apple Kingdom” at the First United Methodist Church Saturday afternoon.

“We have two summer arts camps each summer,” explained Anne Irigoyen, president of the Mostly Theater Company. “One is for the younger group, ages 8 to 12, and then we have a teen camp from 13 to 22. Our younger group is composed of many who have never acted before and some who have been with us for several years. We do a comprehensive program, meaning we teach dance, acting, singing, we talk to them about theater tech and what goes into lighting and sound.  They have five weeks and they need to learn lines, dances, lighting, staging, sing songs, and then they put on two shows!”

The younger group of the Summer Arts camp performed the play “The Apple Kingdom”, a fun and colorful story centered around the people of Apple Kingdom and how they are able to work together and save the day- all for the love of apples. It was a family-friendly play with many laughs and life lessons.

“The outcome for today’s show has exceeded all of my expectations,” said Irigoyen. “We had two student directors, we call them our teen directors, because these girls have been in our programs since they were little, and it was wonderful. Absolutely wonderful!”

The main character, Applesap, played by 9-year-old Gannon Strahm, stole the show with his cheerful and quick-witted performance. The entire cast consisted 9 characters, including Jonathan and Blossom, two fun loving, but not-so-innocent twins, played by Dominic Lerma and Alexandra Zaragoza, and Granny Smith, an old, wise, and clumsy lady played by Chloe Strahm, age 11. Other characters included Professor Crab, played by Duke Strahm, age 10, Dorothy Dumpling, played by 12 year old Yazmin Ornelas, Miss Wood, performed by Ithalia Morales, age 8, King Core, played by Joseph Hernandez, age 12, and the King’s Assisstant, played by Emma Lane. The performance ended with the entire cast stepping on stage for last bow in front of the apple-themed backdrop.

“Some of the kids that we had up on stage today, have never been on a stage before,” commented Irigoyen. “One of our actors, her dad told me, they thought she had a learning disability because she didn’t really speak when she was little. She just blossomed in the theater. I recommend theater for all ages and all groups because I attribute the academic success of my children to being involved in the arts.”

The MTC Teen/Young Adult Camp will be performing their next play, “The Phantom of the Soap Opera” on Friday, July 22nd at 7 p.m. and Saturday, July 23rd at 2 p.m. at the First United Methodist Church. Tickets will be $5 each and will be suitable for all ages.

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