The Daily Doughnut


Jim_Shinn               I love doughnuts and so do you! We also know that they are unhealthy, but hey, live a little!

I bring doughnuts to church once in a while, and it is the new millennium breaking of bread. It is nice to come to Sunday school, and walk in and get a fresh cup of coffee and to pick from a box of what for many is a daily bread.

I enjoy doughnuts once in a while, but because at my age and health status I am forever reminded of my dad’s wisdom “everything in moderation and use discretion!” As a general rule, it is pretty good. Please don’t use heroin, crack or cyanided in moderation. Abstinence is a good rule as it relates to the aforementioned, as well as all street drugs, pornography and premarital sex.

Doughnuts aren’t really dangerous, but most will agree that they are not good for us. What is good for us is our daily bread. Jesus, in the Lord’s Prayer, asks the Father to “give us our daily bread,” which to me is about sustaining us on a daily basis.

Yes we need nutrition for the body, but also for the soul. Eating doughnuts is for our physical health like Facebook is for our spiritual health. You may enjoy it, but it offers little sustenance. If you are a diabetic, doughnuts could be hazardous. If you are prone to mood swings, Facebook can be frustrating, either hearing gossip that makes you groan or seeing things that make you covetous.

Eating doughnuts is for our physical health like Facebook is for our spiritual health.

There is spiritual nourishment available to you. You can open the Bible. If you are not organized, you can Google “Our Daily Bread” which will give you a breakfast-sized Bible study every morning. Our church gives away the little Daily Bread booklets which have in them three months of daily devotionals. Very user friendly for starting you off with the four basic spiritual food groups: wisdom, the Word, prayer and meditation. My wife and I have been doing the Daily Bread for years: and it is a quiet time where we join together to get the day started in a way that glorifies the Father.

Too many men aren’t breaking bread with their brothers and sisters in the church on Sundays. Many are working, whereas others are more focused on their Fantasy Football League rather than their faith in the Father. You have a choice…daily doughnuts or daily bread. Whatever you choose, you will be facing the Great Physician, and if you aren’t taking daily care, don’t look forward to His diagnosis!

You can make your faith more fit, with a little change of daily diet. Be warned! If you do the doughnut, you may end up looking like and acting, like a spiritual dough boy!