The “Beat”


THe-BEATBRAWLEY- Brawley police received a call from driver of School Bus 27 on Wednesday, January 27 that a student on board had what was either a BB or pellet gun.  The bus was pulled over at Jeff Thornton Park before officers arrived on the scene.  The student was in the back of the bus with two others and was taken off the bus.

IMPERIAL- On Wednesday January 28, a call came in for Imperial police from a residence on Canon Dr.  The caller was crying and made an undisclosed statement. Police were dispatched and upon arrival the son of the suspect stated he heard a shotgun inside the house.  A barricade was set up on the street and the fire briggade was alerted.  The police were able to negotiate and convince the subject to put the shotgun in the closet and come out through the garage.  The suspect stepped out of the house with only his phone in his hand and was taken into police custody.  The suspect was taken by Imperial County Mental Health.