The “BEAT”


crime beatDESERT SHORES – Thursday night, a male resident of Desert Shores called the sheriff’s office to request patrol checks throughout the night because people are trespassing his property between 2 and 4 a.m. in a dark truck.

Also, the caller claimed a car kept coming onto the property driving recklessly. He also reported a female who does not live on the property is seen carrying things off the property, according to the sheriff’s logs.


WINTERHAVEN – A women from Jimmie’s Market in Winterhaven called for help when a male began verbally assaulting the owner of the market.

Two units responded to the call, according to the logs, but the person had left before the officers arrived.

The suspect was wearing a hat, a gray shirt, and Levi’s and had long hair. Later he was found and arrested for being drunk in public.


CALIPATRIA – A vehicle rolled over on Kershaw and Titsworth Roads near the Lake Finney area.

A sheriff’s unit, a firetruck, and a Gold Cross ambulance responded.

The vehicle was found abandoned, but later the driver turned up saying he had gone to look for help at the cattle yard.