The “Beat”


THe-BEATHEBER – On Monday, October 19, a theft of copper piping occurred at around 2:45 a.m. Around 4 feet of blue copper stand pipe was taken, valued at around $100. The removal of the stand pipe caused water to leak, resulting in a loss of around $500 worth of water.

NILAND – On Monday, October 19, an Imperial Valley Transit bus said a male subject was uncooperative and refusing to get off of the bus. He was a 33-year old male wearing a white shirt with blue jeans, and was defiant. The subject was the last one on the bus at the last stop. As officers showed up, the man was still uncooperative, causing the officers to use pepper spray and eventually use the Taser on him. The officers than depl put the subject in custody.

SALTON CITY – On Friday, October 23, a medical emergency call was received, referring to a black and white jeep that had rolled over with two adult males in their mid-50’s involved. The subjects were thrown out of the jeep, but were still breathing. They had scrapes, abrasions and were both bleeding from the head.

DESERT SHORES – On Friday, October 23, a male subject wearing a brown shirt with black shorts took some Monster Energy drinks from a local store, officers were called but no subject was found.

SALTON SEA BEACH – On Friday, October 23, the reporting person stated that shots were heard. The person said they saw a white vehicle of unknown make and model, and that is where they heard the multiple shots fired. The subject was going through a gate into a residence, but was unable to see anyone. The officer contacted the reporting person’s neighbors, who said there were possible fireworks in the area.