“The Beat”


THe-BEATWINTERHAVEN – On Friday, October 16, shots fired was reported stating a man was shooting his gun towards the Imperial Dam. The responding officer found a hunter and advised him to not shoot towards the east and over the river.

WINTERHAVEN – On Saturday, October 17 a deputy was requested in assistance to the California Border Patrol, who stated a male subject was picked up by a Border Patrol agent on the U.S. side. The subject stated he had been robbed. He said when he woke up he found all of his belongings were missing. The subject said he traveled to Algadones, Mexico and went out drinking. He remembers waking up in Mexico with a head injury and was stripped of all his belongings. He was offered medical aid but refused stating he would call a family member for help.

 On Saturday, October 17, the Brawley Fire Station 9 requested assistance in evacuating 656 Main Street – Second hand store as well as 649 Main Street/ Cuidad Plaza for possible landmine in the area. The Bomb Squad was called to the scene to assist.