The “BEAT”



BRAWLEY – A theft was reported to the Imperial County Sheriff of 10 batteries from a tractor on Tuesday between 5:00 p.m. and 5:30 a.m. Wednesday morning.


The tractor was close to the intersection of Casey Rd. & Keystone.


The caller requested patrol checks of the agricultural fields in the area of Casey and Finney Rd, and Butters and Finney Rd. because of past thefts, according to the sheriff’s logs.


The caller was advised there would be patrols throughout the evening.


HOLTVILLE – A haystack on Underwood Road near Holtville was reported through a 911 call around 5:30 p.m. Wednesday evening.


Five officers responded to the call, and a call went out to the owner of the haystack.


The person reporting the call said he suspected an arsonist as the cause for the fire. However, the Holtville fire fighters could not locate any devices or contraband that would identify the fire as being an arson-related event.


According to the sheriff’s logs, approximately $200 in damages to the haystack were reported.


HEBER – A male caller reported trespassing at El Toro Feedlot, saying 5 males were hitting cattle and urinating on the cattle. According to the sheriff’s logs, the caller said there was a gray Honda Civic parked at the business.


When the officers arrived, there was no car or trespassers and the caretaker, Juan Garcia, had no idea why the deputies were there, according to the logs.