“The Beat”


sheriffHOLTVILLE – Tuesday, a woman reported her son’s bike stolen Monday night sometime between midnight and 4:30 a.m. at their apartments on East Fifth Street in Holtville.


Later Tuesday afternoon, two units responded to a resident on Thiesen Rd. in Holtville that shots had been fired.


Officers found 4 juveniles with a rifle in the vicinity. The deputies spoke with the mother and advised her that the juveniles couldn’t be shooting BB guns near any residences.


SEELEY – Officers responded to a call from Seeley Market that a fight had broken out between two women over ownership of a dog.


The Seeley clerk reported the women were pulling hair and that one female claimed ownership due to the other never paying her for the dog. The first owner said she was reclaiming her dog and planned to kill the dog, according to the sheriff’s logs.


The fight moved outside of the store closer to the gas pumps.


Two officer units arrived 25 minutes after the fight started and broke up the argument.


IMPERIAL – Everardo Ruiz III nearly caused a collision and swerved to avoid another vehicle after running a stop sign at Aten and Cross according to the Sheriff’s logs.


Ruiz, in his vehicle, ended up in the middle of the intersection.


He told the officers that he didn’t see the stop sign, but admitted to living near the area since November of 2013.


IMPERIAL – The CHP reported a suspicious person by Highway 86 and Larson, close to the Memorial Gardens Cemetery, was completely nude and was seen jumping in and out of a canal and running across Highway 86, westbound.


The male was an Hispanic male in his 30’s standing approximately 5’7, weighing 200 lbs.


The male had left by the time officers arrived.


HEBER – A call went out to the sheriff’s office of a pedestrian at Main Street and Heber in Heber who had several bundles of heroine.


The woman was taken by officers to El Centro Regional Medical Center and released to the hospital due to a heroin overdose according to the sheriff’s logs.