THe BEATWINTERHAVEN- On October 26, 2014 around 8:30a.m a controlled substance call was received. The incident occurred at the Winterhaven border check on the 200 block of Algodones Road. Driver 64 year-old Donna Barrett was traveling with 630 pills of Zanax. Barrett was detained for possession and held for questioning.

SEELEY- On October 25, 2014 at approximately 5:17p.m ten units responded to an explosive problem near West Ross Road by Ashurst Bee farm. Reporting person stated that a tractor pulling a trailer was on fire a may possibly explode. When officers arrived on scene the tractor fire was extinguished and the fire moved to the trailer. There are no known injuries in the incident.

WESTMORLAND-The Imperial County Sheriff’s department responded to an assault with a firearm call received on October 24, 2014 around 11:41p.m on Vendel Road. Reporting person stated his friend was shot in the leg from a possible suspect with a shotgun traveling in a grey 1997 Honda Accord with paper plates.

If you have any information on the crime please contact the Imperial county Sheriff’s Department at (760)351-2860