THe BEATBRAWLEY-On October 16, 2014 around 7:08a.m a call was received concerning a stolen vehicle. The alleged stolen vehicle was a 2012 White Ford F250. The vehicle was reported stolen from a warehouse located at the Rockwood Chemical Company on Rutherford Road.

Four cashboxes and over 300 blue-brown company hats were also reported missing at the scene. The stolen vehicle was later reported found at the slabs near the skate park, it is unknown if the cash boxes or hats were located.

If you have any information on the crime please contact the Imperial County Sheriff’s Department at (760)351-2860

BRAWLEY-On October 16, 2014 around 1:32p.m a large semi-truck pulling an empty trailer hit a fire hydrant. The location of the incident was near the Jack in the Box on Main Street and old Highway 111. The hydrant was broken at the scene and water was flowing freely. It is unknown if any injuries were reported at the time of the accident.

SALTON CITY-Five units responded to a traffic collision call they received on October 16, 2014 around 3:24p.m. The two car collision occurred between Coral Sea and Nile Avenue. Reporting person stated one of the vehicles was a county owned vehicle. There are no known injuries at this time.

HOLTVILLE-On October 16, 2014 the Imperial County Sherriff’s department responded to a suspicious person call around 7:37p.m on 10th street and Melon Street. Reporting person stated a male subject was hiding between two large generators on the Van Dyke Contractors Company property.

When units arrived on scene they found the subject in question hiding and the amount of $1000.00 in electrical copper wires was stolen from the property.

If you have any information on the crime please contact the Imperial County Sherriff’s Department at (760)351-2860

SEELEY-On October 15, 2014 four units were called to a reported Burglary call around 8:18a.m on Holt Avenue. The reporting person stated he left to go for a jog and when returning home his door was kicked in and a Toshiba laptop and $480 in cash along with paperwork from San Jose Church was missing.

The Officers spoke with neighbors of the residence and reported they didn’t see anyone on the property at the time of the crime. A shoe impression was taken at the scene of a possible size 8-10 with a diamond cut shape cut to the design.

If you have any information on the crime please contact Imperial Counties Sheriff’s Department at (760) 351-2860