THe BEATOCOTILLO – The California Highway Patrol received a 911 medical emergency call Sunday at 4:39 p.m. near Ocotillo.

A pickup had rolled over but the caller was unsure if there was any injury.

It was discovered a dog was also in the pickup. The CHP called for a medical transport for the driver who was taken to El Centro Medical and an animal control officer came for the dog.  The dog will be taken to meet the owner at the hospital.

NILAND – On Sunday a 911 call came to the Imperial County Sheriff’s office about wife, husband, the wife’s sister, and the son all cooking meth out in the Slabs.

The suspects were in a big tan trailer according to the caller.

Four units responded to the call. The Niland Fire Department was also called to see if they could respond with gas masks, which they did according to the Sheriff’s logs.