The “BEAT”


THe BEATWINTERHAVEN – The Imperial County Sheriff’s logs recorded a traffic accident on Monday, July 14, that occurred on Orchard and Interstate 8. No injuries, but tow trucks needed to move both vehicles out of oncoming traffic.


HEBER – Three juveniles broke into a tool shed of a resident on Heber Avenue Monday at approximately 1:40 p.m.


The reporting person identified one as wearing a black t-shirt and the 2nd as having a gray t-shirt.


According to the logs, the juveniles ran to a residence down the street with the reporting person following them. As he approached the residence the youth fled to, a female emerged and began yelling at him.


The reporting person returned home and called in to the police.


The police searched the house but was not able to find any stolen merchandise and the reporting person was unable to positively ID the detained subjects.


The reporting person did not want any follow-up since no property was taken.


SALTON CITY – A 911 call concerning an overdose by a young female came in Monday at around 3:00 p.m.


The caller said the young lady had been depressed, but did not know if the overdose was an accident or not.


The female was taken to Pioneer Hospital in Brawley.


EL CENTRO – An Hispanic adult male wearing a black ski mask , shorts, and carrying a green camouflaged backpack with a big flag was spotted walking from the Imperial County Office of Education towards the Betty Jo McNeece facility off of McCabe Road south of El Centro on Monday at 6:30 p.m.


Upon investigation, the suspicious person just was exercising with a half nylon mask on preparing for his entry into the army in a few weeks.