The “BEAT”


THe BEATHOLTVILLE – On Sunday, the Imperial County Sheriff’s office received a fire call shortly before 7:00 p.m. that a propane tank had exploded and was on fire.

Four units responded including a fire engine and ambulance. Medical help was required for a 23-year-old male whose arms were both burnt when the tank exploded.

The ambulance service was denied as the parents transported their son to the hospital.

IMPERIAL –Saturday, an emergency call went out from Rain for Rent on Highway 86 that a male in a green van had possibly passed out. The reporting person had tried knocking on the window, but the male did not respond.

The sheriff’s office called to the fire department and ambulance and sent one of their cars to the scene.

The subject responded to medical aid, with the cause possibly being low blood pressure according to the sheriff’s logs.

A female in the van was passed out also. When she came back into consciousness, she began to convulse. She was transported to Pioneers Memorial Hospital.