The “BEAT”


THe BEATSALTON CITY – Saturday, a call went out for help with two pit bulls and a Rottweiler running loose. The reporting person said they tried to attack him in his yard. He reported that he was trailing the dogs headed southwest on Black Sea and they had just crossed StarDusk.


Male reported the dogs were trapped inside a back yard until the animal control officer could arrive.


EL CENTRO – Saturday afternoon, around 5:30 p.m., the sheriff’s office arrested a man for possession of two firearms and 12 bundles containing 4.8 grams of methamphetamine. One weapon was a Lorcin model 380 and the other was a semi-automatic pistol, according to the sheriff’s logs.


EL CENTRO – Power tools valued at over $1000 were stolen from East Ross sometime between Saturday, June 14th and Saturday, June 21st. There are no suspects.


QUECHAN CASINO – Sheriff’s received a call from the Quechan Casino security that they had found a bag with white powder, the white crystal-like substance later field tested positive to presence of methamphetamine. The sheriff’s office sent two units to the casino but no owner was identified.


WINTERHAVEN – Parents called in concerning their daughter overdosing on prescription medicine and alcohol on Sunday. The parents were unable to wake up their daughter.


Three units responded along with an ambulance.


They found the daughter breathing, but unresponsive. She was transported to the Yuma Regional Medical Center via Rural Ambulance and later will be admitted into a crises center.

BOMBAY BEACH – According to the sheriff’s logs, a victim of a pit bull attack was taken to Pioneer Memorial Hospital. The victim resided along with the pitbulls owner at the Slabs.


HOLTVILLE – Thursday, the U.S. Border Patrol found a skull and bones of what appeared to be one person at the intersection of Evan Hewes and & Holridge near Holtville. They waited at the hot spring site until the Sheriff’s office showed up and transported the remains to the coroner.


BOMBAY BEACH – The sheriff’s office received a call from a male working with a movie production company. The person said they were shooting a film in the area and a female neighbor threatened to shoot them.


The caller didn’t know if the neighbor had weapons or not. He stated he didn’t want to get any closer to her to find out.


Two units responded to the scene.